Welcome to Professional Growth Plans

Florida Statute requires all instructional personnel to annually create an individual professional development plan. In Broward County, this is called the Professional Growth Plan (PGP). Instructional personnel use appropriate student performance data to determine a learning goal for student growth, measurable objectives to meet the goal that clearly identify the expected change(s) in professional practice, and an evaluation plan to determine the effectiveness of the professional development.

2013-2014 Timeline for Implementation

  • October 4, 2013 PGP Initiation completed
  • September 2013 - May 2014 Professional Development participation
  • June 6, 2014 PGP Final Review complete


Professional Growth Plans (PGPs) are created annually at the beginning of the school year. Administrators and teachers meet to analyze specific student achievement and performance data of the students the teacher is currently assigned to, review the School Improvement Plan (SIP) to identify research-and/or evidence based professional development to help improve student performance, and agree on a plan to determine the effectiveness of the professional development. The administrator and teacher sign the PGP form indicating approval and support of the identified professional development and to initiate the plan.

Professional Development Participation

During the school year, teachers participate in the professional development activities indicated in the PGP. These activities are aligned with the School Improvement Plan and the objectives stated in the PGP to meet the goal for student performance.

Final Review

At the end of the school year, administrators and teachers meet for a final review of the PGP. Teachers may bring documentation supporting the components of the PGP. During this final meeting, student performance data, impact on learning, evidence of professional development attendance, implementation of professional practice intervention(s), etc. are reviewed. The administrator and teacher determine if the professional development was effective, sign and date the PGP indicating consensus of results, and plan for next year’s PGP.